How art helps me find balance.

Art helps me find balance in the busyness of living life.

As we fill our lives with busyness we lose ourselves. How is that possible? To be busy is good! Isn’t it?

Our society love busyness. To be busy is viewed as having a good day. But what about the opposite, what about just being still, just playing around…being lazy!! We learn that early on, lazy is bad, busy is good, but is it really? Instead of burning the candle on both sides and wondering why we need a catnap during the day. Or how you can’t sleep because you are so exhausted but your full day is still milling around in your head. It’s really madness that we revere and strive for burnout, but taking time out is seen as lazy. We look forward to weekends away and our yearly holiday to give us time to slow down and relax, but why don’t we take time out each day for creating and playing to help balance out the busyness?

6 creative things to do  to create balance in a busy life:

  1. Take time to doodle, fill a page, margin or that agenda that doesn’t seem to have any real purpose.
  2. Make your tea or coffee break a real break – be quiet and marvel at an artwork for the duration of drinking your cup.
  3. Play around the art materials section of the local stationary store – see how many colours there is, look at all the magical possibilities.
  4. Take time out to attend an art class – my 3 hour art classes makes time disappear.
  5. Create your own colouring in book.
  6. If you have a colouring book, colour outside the lines.

In the times we spend  playing and creating is where we give ourselves time to find ourselves again. To me creating gives me a freedom to just be busy with creating and not the madding busyness that overfills my head leaving my heart empty.


  1. Noelle

    So true Sanchi… Everywhere I look, listen or see, I’m being told to “come into rest!” For someone like me, it’s not easy, it doesn’t come naturally! But I’m longing to “rest” and not feel guilty… Love you, ,me

    1. Sanchi Leibach Author

      We all need rest. I think we feel guilty because of the connection to laziness. But resting is not being lazy. It’s to find the balance.


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