Healing Arts

The Magic Maker

Creating art has an amazing benefit to the wellbeing of the practitioner. It also has the magical quality to aid in healing our inner being.

Healing Art
Thank you for an amazing experience Sanchi – Stepping Stone Hospice

What is a Healing Art Session?

The process of using art materials to create images is wonderful way to connect with the subconscious mind. This process gives a person another avenue of accessing feelings without having to verbalise them. The process helps to give new insights and to release certain blocks. Not having to use verbal communication makes it ‘easier’ to see something in a new light. Healing art sessions are about the process and not the final product; therefore no artistic talent is required to take part in the activities.

Healing is referred to as a process of making something sound, not in the physical medical sense.

What to Expect:

Participants will use art materials to do various activities that will help them experience and express feelings and thoughts without necessary talking about it. The process of creating is a relaxing, invigorating, magical process. Please wear comfortable clothes that might get a bit of paint on or bring an apron.

Healing Art Session Options:

Individual session:R400 per 1 hour session, materials included
Small group sessions:4- 8 participants
Duration: 2 – 2 ½ hours
Cost: R300 per person, materials included
Larger group sessions:Please contact me for this option.

How to book: Contact me for more information.

More About Me:

I am a trained visual artist that has taught art and presented workshops at various levels and institutions since 1991. Through my experiences I have seen the healing power of creating first hand. I am passionate about sharing the magical experience with others.

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Here is some feedback from participants:

“Thank you so much! This was amazing, healing and inspirational.”

“I want to thank you again for the mind shift the session made possible. I just know something happened somewhere to create it.” – Anonymous

“It was definitely an eye opener. I usually meditate quite regularly, however I was basically thrown a curveball not realising who I’ve become and I have totally forgotten who I was.” – Derick McLaughlin

“We do not often stop and actually take time to think about ourselves.   I loved the fact that this makes a person think and focus and dig deep.” – Alta McMaster, founder of The Epic Foundation.

If you want more information read this article that was published by the local paper.