The magic of creating.

The magic of creating is sometimes difficult to grasp. We see the end result of seeing a painting or reading a book that someone spent hours creating. Not always understanding that creating the work means the creator has to spend endless hours just creating. Yes, just like you have to spend lots of time in a gym to get that sixpack, creators have to spend hours to create something. In those hours of creating the magic gets lost to our fears and struggles. We forget to create effortlessly in the present moment. Each stroke, each mark, each word, each rep.

In the same way each of us create our lives. With the choices we make in reacting to the daily struggles, challenges and happenings we can create a life filled with despair and heartache or a blissful effortless flow. Easier said than done, I know.

So to show you the process of creating without struggle, I found this. A short pencil left behind by one of my students after completing a drawing. I simply could not get myself to just discard this magical itty bitty pencil. It is to me the reminder of magic. Of how by making the choice to just stay in the moment and looking at shapes, line, texture, tone and colour the artist can create an artwork. If the artist got stuck, thinking, what if … it doesn’t look good, what if…it flops, what if…it looks horrible, what if….I can’t draw..what if I can’t get it just right. What if…is a flow stopper. It causes anguish. It gets us stuck.

In the same way we create our lives. Sometimes living too much in the past or the future playing the ‘what if’ game. Paralyzed by our fears of not being enough. Not being smart enough, not being pretty, skinny, tall, tanned, rich, green, healthy enough. Enough! Can you see yourself getting stuck in life?

So how do you create a magical artwork? One stroke at a time. How do you create a magical life? One breath at a time. One choice at a time. Choosing to to stay stuck by worrying about the future or murmuring about the past will not help you experience flow. Choose each moment to be caught in the magical spell of this wonderful glorious moment. And then do it again, and again, and again.

May we all experience the magical way of creating in each moment more often.



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