Why do you create?

Why do you create?

The reasons for creating an artwork are many. Some do it for a specific reason. The painting gets a job before it even exist. To be a gift, to be a reminder of a memory or to match the feeling of the newly decorated room or simply to match the curtains.
Some create to prove their skill.

Some create to learn a skill.

So create to make a statement.

Some create to capture beauty.

Some create to help them heal.

Some create to make sense of the world.

Some create to catch the limelight.

Some create to materialise the inner world into outer worldly terms.

Some create to escape.

Some create to relieve stress.

Some create to purge.

Some create to be liked and admired by others.

Whatever your reason for creating there is no right or wrong answer. There is however a way to make your creative journey easier, less stressful.  At some point in the creative process we enter the crappy phase. That’s when you want to start over, feels like nothing is right and everything is beyond fixing. All you can think is “it’s time to burn this canvas and throw out the art supplies!”  The intention you set for your creation, influence the path of your creative journey. A intention that is open and flexible makes it easier to create within the magical right brain.

When I teach people in my art classes there is some terms I use a lot. There is always the awkward first date stage. And at some stage the painting becomes the boss and tells you what it needs. Not always an easy thing to do. I help my students to see what the painting is asking for. It could be balancing the composition or creating more depth. Softening or defining an edge. We have to be still to hear the message from the artwork.  As teacher I become the interpreter between the painting and the student.

My teaching is mostly to play with peoples intentions and to guide them from the crappy phase to a place of openness of just looking and placing a stroke.

So next time you create, check your intention.



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  1. Tammy de Beer

    Sanchi, thank you so much for all the inspiration that flows from your articles, it makes me feel quite emotional. I have been wanting to join your classes for almost two years, but have been ‘making excuses’ on an ongoing basis. I would love this year to open the doors of my long lost creative desire and dreams.

    Kind regards


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