Your creative spirit needs you…

Your creative spirit needs you to nurture it. She needs you to take take care of her. She needs someone to play with to be able to give you a million fun ideas. Sometimes, we just want to produce, create and then we hit a creative block and… nothing!!!!

Just like writers suffer from writer’s block, artist can suffer a creative block that leaves you feeling uninspired, bored and irritated. Nothing seems to satisfy you and your attention is easily diverted to endless TV watching or mindless games of Solitaire. Blame is also a handy technique to keep procrastinating and not being productive. Once you recognize the signs it’s time for some creative spirit tending and mending.

5  Ways to nurture your creative spirit.

  1. Don’t paint, don’t even try and paint or draw or create. That just leads to more uninspired artworks without a soul that you don’t want to finish. As Paul Cezanne said: “An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all… feeling is the principle, the beginning and the end; craft, objective, technique – all these are in the middle. “
  2.  Go play! Use your art materials to just play on canvas or paper. Use unconvention brushes like sticks or leaves to paint with. It might sound like the opposite of nr 1, but its not. You are not ‘painting’ anything. You are just playing around with stuff and seeing what happens.
  3. Now is the perfect time to try out the mad Pinterest DIY recipes like making puff paint with shaving cream and wood glue. You have pinned at least 20 of those, try out a few today. My favorite is adding soap to paint and then blowing bubbles that pops on paper.  Here’s a link to some fun ideas:

3 Ways to paint with Bubbles

4. Be childlike – watch clouds go by, hunt for fairies in a forest or in your garden, entertain an      invisible friend for a day.

5. Visit a toyshop and press all the buttons thats says “try me”. Leave a trail of clapping flashing    tune playing toys behind you.

Most of all give yourself a break. Let things go. Just be and then see what comes up.

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