Sanchi Leibach

I’ve been blessed to have always been immersed in the visual arts. To be able to create and to share the magic by teaching others is what gives me great joy and a deep sense of purpose. I invite you to learn more about my journey with art through the various aspects of my endeavours. See if you would like to share a part of the journey with me through acquiring an artwork or joining me for an art class, workshop or creative mindfulness coaching session.

The Artist

What people say about my art:

“The artworks I bought are displayed on a wall as you enter my home. The images are of places where we would rather be, but our rushed lives don’t let us. When I look at the 2 paintings I can see and smell the colours of the landscapes.”

Audrey Ueckermann

“Every time I sit here that piece of art attracts my attention, it’s like it’s talking to me. The longer you look at this piece the more it speaks to you.”

Lucille Kietzmann

“I felt that Sanchi took all my information and offered the result to me as a the ultimate gift: beautiful, meaningful, intuitive, custom-made, just what I wanted.”

Susan Viljoen

The Teacher

What people say about my art classes:

“Sanchi’s art classes give me the freedom to fly and grow. It’s the place where you discover yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and work on both. I’ve learnt how to start at the beginning, and paint as if there’s no tomorrow… And you’re among your peers, people with heart and soul… And great creativity… And the boundaries you have created for yourself can be shattered….”

Charmaine Grobler

“I love coming to art class because I get to challenge myself and share a creative space with wonderful, inspiring women. There’s coffee and chit chat and lots of colour! There’s no right or wrong or pressure to create something perfect – you work at your own pace and you’re guided and encouraged from start to finish.”

Kerry Johnston

The Magic Maker

Here is some feedback from participants:

“I had several AHA moments during my coaching sessions with Sanchi. By asking the right questions, she helped me to get clear on what I want for my business. The visualisations we did together were extremely helpful in anchoring my vision for my future. I also love Sanchi’s approach: It is non-confrontational and gently steers you in the right direction.”

Lien Potgieter

“Don’t get me wrong… there is no instant fix. You need to put in what you need to get out of the process yourself. Sanchi helped me and she can help you too. It is quite amazing what one can do if you put your mind to it. If it wasn’t for Sanchi I’d be in the same rut that I have prodded along in for many years.”


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