Sanchi Leibach

I’m a trained visual artist that has been involved in teaching art since 1991. Over the years I have witnessed the amazing benefits of making art to the well-being of the practitioner. I’ve also witnessed and experienced how the magical process of creating with intention facilitates healing our inner being. I started offering healing art sessions to focus more on these benefits in 2011.

Being intrigued by this I wanted to learn more. In 2018 I enrolled and completed a Diploma in Modern Psychology Coaching specialising in Creative Mindfulness through the School of Modern Psychology in Australia.

I started out offering healing art sessions which I am now able to incorporate beautifully in to my new skills as a Creative Mindfulness facilitator. I love sharing the process with groups to facilitate healing and refocusing of the individuals in the group.

At the end of 2022 I was introduced to an amazing healing process that address the symptoms of trauma in a unique and remarkable way. TRTP™ (The Richards Trauma Process) deals with the root cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma-related issues, so there is no need for symptom management. The symptoms simply disappear.

I have been certified as the first TRTP practitioner in South Africa. I felt compelled to add this amazing process to my skillset in my aim to help heal my community.

What is TRTP?

TRTP™ (The Richards Trauma Process) deals with the root cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma-related issues, so there is no need for symptom management. The symptoms simply disappear.

So – what are the causes? What sits behind anxiety, depression, PTSD etc.?

The TRTP™ model views the cause of anxiety, depression, PTSD and most other mental health issues, if not caused by physical illness or brain injury, as being caused by unresolved distressing events from the past.

Our body, indeed, our whole being, continues to behave as if those events are happening now. For example: ‘I’m not safe!’

When a distressing event occurs, we go into a state of Fight, Flight or Freeze activated by the sympathetic nervous system. A high stress response – with adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones constantly being produced and circulated through our body. It’s exhausting.

When the system is not in balance, we can stay stuck in that state resulting in the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.

TRTP™ resolves anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma-related issues by taking the distressing events we have experienced, and it puts them firmly in The Past. The emotional charge of the past is resolved.

Our Fight Flight Freeze, high stress response is switched off and replaced with an empowered, self-regulated state. The sympathetic nervous system recalibrates and is calmed.

We quickly move from a state of ‘I’m Not safe!’ to, ‘It’s over… I’m safe now…’

Calm returns, on all levels.

Symptoms, of anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. simply cease, the triggers disappear.


What is Creative Mindfulness?

We are all creative in some way. The way you dress or cook or how you put ideas together are all ways everyone is already creative. During a Creative mindfulness workshop or coaching session, participants can use different ways to be creative.  Using art materials, storytelling, movement, poetic responses, as well as visualizations, is some of the ways how I use the process of creating to help participants connect with the subconscious mind. In allowing the process of creating in a mindful way participants are able to gain new insight, notice patterns and experience unintrusive healing.  The Creative Mindfulness process (developed by Barbara Grace from the School of Modern Psychology), helps participants build stronger resilience despite life’s challenges and improve their focus on getting results and the change they desire. No ‘artistic talent’ is needed to use the creative process.

Being mindful means, you notice things in the moment. This is a way of being in your life that takes training and practice like any new skill. In the same way that we train our bodies to be fit and healthy, we need to train our minds through mindfulness.

The benefits of being mindful are numerous and well researched. Amongst others it:

  • Decreased stress and psychological distress,
  • enhancing mental health and functioning.
  • increased emotion regulation and self-control,
  • it leads to being happier and calmer,
  • It also translates into many health benefits.

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