Sanchi Leibach

Creative Mindfulness Workshops

I offer self-development workshops in my home-based studio as well as at organizations. My workshops offer individuals time for introspection and reflection and in doing so they are able to refocus their energy on what is important to them. The unintrusive healing of past wounds and letting go of what is holding you back also helps to free up energy that you can then choose to spent on what brings you more joy and fulfilment.

The Creative Mindfulness process is a gentle internal journey that give participants a renewed sense of purpose and shows them that change is possible and adversity can be overcome. The eye-opening workshops will give you more purpose and clarity.

In healing wounds people in an organization is able to focus better on their daily tasks. It also helps to build a better team through creating awareness of the shared journey.


Gavin - Jun 2, 2022

The Hero's Journey

The journey helped to open my eyes and refocus. You realize that you are not alone and that everyone around you is on a journey. Even the negative can be seen and used in a positive way. Doing the exercise of the feet highlighted the fact that there are a lot of positive things which I allowed to be overshadowed by the negative things. Looking back one can see that the negative made me a stronger person and changes ones outlook for the future. It also enables you to help others from experience. The presentation and coaching were professional and yet created an atmosphere wherein one could open up and see life for what it really is and that all is not doom and gloom. Well done and many thanks.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback Gavin! I’m glad you were able to refocus and see your strengths to help you when you need it.

Hlengiwe Mabaso - May 30, 2022

An Inspiring And Fantastic Day

The hero journey was a leadership workshop for me that will help me to find the real hero in my life.

Through the hero journey workshop. I have the opportunity to gain the following:

Overcome fears and self-doubts
Problem-solving and decision making skills
Develop strategies to cope with conflict in constructive ways
Learn to see challenges as opportunities for growth
Experience hands-on learning through different initiatives
Understand core strengths, interests, and goal setting

Thank you so much, Sanchi for the amazing session we had, it was an inspiring and fantastic day.

Thanks Hlengiwe! I’m so glad you experienced so many benefits from the Finding your feet workshop!