Sanchi Leibach

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If you love art!

Invite me to paint for you

Do you have a vision or a dream that you just can’t forget. Do you see yourself in a personal space that brings you joy? I want to collaborate with you to create your vision/dream/quest/magical carpet ride.

To give you a better idea; a friend of mine had a vision of a painting of her and her spirit animals. She wanted something tangible to look at of what she was seeing in her mind’s eye. She pinned images and colours and styles that she liked and I consulted with her during the process of creating. She had some specific ideas and some areas that she let me use my creative intuition to create the final artwork. If this appeals to you, invite me to paint for you!

Here is what Susan Viljoen from Kaleidoscope Life Coaching had to say about the process: “I had a deep desire to have a spirit animal painting but became paralysed with the pressure I was putting on myself for this painting to be special. In the end, I just gave up on the vision. Sanchi was so sensitive to my meaning-making, to the feeling I wanted to see when I looked at the painting.

She went over my inspiration images, my journaling about each animal and asked questions in addition. She kept checking in with me to make sure that the painting was coming along in the spirit of what I had envisioned. I felt that I had power over the painting throughout, down to sizes, colours, shapes, without taking up the brush myself and also without my having to explain everything.

It was all being created almost by magic. There was a very real feeling all along that this was MY painting, MY vision, and not Sanchi’s. That she was just a conduit for the energy that I wanted expressed. This was such a blissfully easy-going process for me throughout – no struggles. I felt that Sanchi took all my information, and shook it gently with a good dash of intuition, and offered the result to me as a the ultimate gift: beautiful, meaningful, intuitive, custom-made, just what I wanted.”

Feel free to contact me with your idea and I’ll give you a quote. The price depends on the size and amount of detail that is required.

I’m not interested in painting straightforward portraits; there is lots of artist that can help you with that. I want to collaborate with you to make your personal inner visions and dream an image to look at. I love working with symbolism and different techniques to bring dreams to a reality onto a canvas.

If you paint!

Invite me to teach plein air painting

If you are a group of artists and you would like to learn more about plein air painting, invite me!

I will travel to inspired settings to teach you the magical experience of mindful plein air painting.

Participants need to have some art experience. You don’t need to be an expert, just have some knowledge of drawing, know techniques of your chosen medium; have a desire to explore the process of art making.

Plein air painting is an ideal avenue of learning how the creative process unfolds. So apart from actually learning to paint plein air I will guide you to learn more about yourself. About how you approach to creating can become more of a creative journey.

“As one sees the movement of sunlight, feels the breeze, becomes aware of the maggots – ignoring them, and sitting in the energy of the moment. It was such a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I learnt so much about colour, particularly nature colours, about working quickly, about seeing (without and with spectacles) and capturing on paper – I still have so much to learn, but find it very exciting and would never have thought that I would discover a creative side of me at a such a late stage in my life, having only started with drawing at the age of 57 years. The Plein Air experience added to this experience and opened up a whole new world to me. It is such a blessing and a gift, which I highly appreciate. Thank you, Sanchi for your wonderful guidance and teaching, which is a blessing in itself!”- Ellen Martins

“Sanchi has an extraordinary skill level and shares her technical know how easily and readily. The generosity of her spirit is infectious. The choice of location provides an endless choice of views to paint, and Sanchi picked and suggested beautiful spots for the morning and afternoon sessions. I feel that my observation skills and brush techniques received a boost due to the almost individual attention. The cross learning and sharing of experiences gave my confidence a boost. I tackled a medium I had dreamed of using, watercolours, my progress was too slow for the workshop, but I have the opportunity to finish my painting off back at The Art Centre, under Sanchi’s guidance. I so enjoyed meeting new artists and the company was delightful.” – Daryl Tytherleigh Wearne

If you want to experience magic!

Invite me to present a Creative Mindfulness workshop

If you feel stuck or living on autopilot. If you want to want to try something different. If you want to experience magic! I offer Creative Mindfulness workshops that can be shared within a group of friends or a support group or a team at work that would like to experience the magical journey. If this speaks to you and you can’t make it to my studio, invite me to present a session at your convenience.

No artistic abilities are needed. Contact me with your needs and requirements and I will send you a quote.

Here is some feedback from participants:

“I want to thank you again for the mind shift the session made possible. I just know something happened somewhere to create it.” – Anonymous

“It was a very informative workshop and good to take time for myself.”

“Baie dankie! Vandag het my verwagtinge oortref! Ek neem definitief vandag ‘n skat saam! Baie dankie!

“Thank you so much! This was amazing, healing and inspirational.”

“It was definitely an eye opener. I usually meditate quite regularly, however I was basically thrown a curveball not realising who I’ve become and I have totally forgotten who I was.” – Derick McLaughlin

“We do not often stop and actually take time to think about ourselves. I loved the fact that this makes a person think and focus and dig deep.” – Alta McMaster, founder of The Epic Foundation.