Sanchi Leibach

Life Coaching

Why visit a life coach?

Clients come to me when they get tired of feeling some of the following:

  • You feel stuck in your life.
  • It feels like you are living on auto pilot.
  • You feel overwhelmed and it just becomes too much to handle.
  • You have lost your passion for thing that used to bring you joy.
  • You just feel unhappy and bored.
  • You are over stressed.
  • You keep procrastinating and don’t know where to start to create change.

My training is largely based on using Solution Focus BRIEF therapy that is combined with other Modern Psychology techniques.


Helen Shelver - Apr 11, 2022

Take A Breath If You Will

Recently, I was fortunate enough, to have a one-on-one life coaching session with Sanchi Leibach, who intuitively and seamlessly blends coaching, colours and art into a warm, gentle and intellectual cloak of unintrusive healing. I’m not sure if even Sanchi realizes the extent of the power of her teaching and coaching!

Having previously paid for everything from the weird and wonderful to plain and simple scams in my quest to find healing and direction, it was refreshing to come away from a coaching session with a sense of the proverbial “weight” having been lifted off my shoulders and a sense of lightness rather than lightheadedness, to take a breath, if you will.

Nothing worth anything in life is easy to obtain and retain and it would be silly and naïve of me to think of this as a quick fix. The hard work has yet to come, and it can only come from me. With a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, however, I feel “that I’m on the right path to find inner direction, set goals in motion and work on the outcome.

Thank you so much Sanchi. May you continue to spread your healing far and wide.

Agh Helen your review is such a precious gift that shows that you do need to write more!! And I loved working with you in my new special space! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your beautiful journey! It’s such an honor for me.


Individual session:

R 750 for +/- a 55 minute session.
First session is to make an assessment and to see how we can move forward.

International clients pay a extra admin fee.