Sanchi Leibach

Life is full of surprises!

Life is full of surprises!

Just when I thought I will gently move into my later life stages, my idea of going gently into the night, has been turned upside down.

“TRTP™ is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process which resolves extreme trauma and trauma-related issues – anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. It achieves results quickly, effectively and safely – generally in 3 sessions.” This just sounded to good to be true, but when my friend and colleague shared her experience with TRTP, I was hooked! So this is why I am studying again at 55! To learn the process, to be able to share it with our much needed traumatized community and county I live in.

If you are suffering from anxiety or depression or PTSD and you are ready to resolve these symptoms of  extreme distress and trauma I would love to work with you!! TRTP is a simple, step by step process where the anxiety/depression is addressed where it is located, in the unconscious mind. I will guide you through various scenarios using the language of the unconscious mind to reset your whole system from being in a constant state of fight or fight to a state of ‘I am safe now’.

Anxiety and depression are the symptoms of the unconscious mind not being able to return to the ‘I am safe now’ state. This is usually because of some kind of trauma or a continued state of distress. During the process you are never asked to retell or relive the trauma, all you need to do is name the event and when it happened. If you want to learn more visit the TRTP website to learn more!


If you are ready to change!

Contact me on 072 274 0491 or email me for prices and to book your appointment.

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Sanchi Leibach
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