Sanchi Leibach

Into the Wilderness

“The psyche thinks primarily in images. Only secondary do we move to conceptual thought.” – C Jung.

Art gives me insight into so many things. When I get stuck in life with a challenge I am compelled to paint. With this series I saw such an endless flow of images, I had to respond. The process of painting and the reflections I wrote later helped me to come to a new place. This series of 4 works was one of those, a Divine stream from my inner being to help me make sense of my world.

The time coincided with the time of Lent when Jesus spent time in the wilderness.

I myself have spent an extended time in Jordan, the landscape of the Bible. During my time in Jordan I visited Mount Nebo many times. Mount Nebo is marked as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land. This is close to the Dead Sea and the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. I also visited the ancient city of Petra many times. Traveling around Jordan to visit castles and to see the many different landscapes the desert offered me, I felt a deep connection to the history of each landscape.

From my experience people was unfamiliar with Jordan as a country compared to Israel. In explaining the location of Jordan; as on the other side of the Jordan river, someone remarked “So it’s in the wilderness”.

Indeed. Despite this, or because of this, I feel this connection to His journey. So these are the images that helped me grow and learn in such a gentle magnificent way.