Sanchi Leibach

Natures Cathedral

My first glimpse of the rose window in the Notre Dame Cathedral brought tears to my eyes. I never imaged that something I learned about in books could be so beautiful. Gothic cathedrals are those wonderful buildings that you just must see when you visit Europe. The craftsmanship in the stonework, the inlay work, and the stain glass windows were all created to honour God. It took generations of craftsman to build and it has been around for centuries for others to admire and to worship in.

For me nature creates its own majestic beauty that makes you feel the presence of God. Even more so than the manmade cathedrals of magnificence. In creating these artworks I wanted to capture the beautiful light you experience in a cathedral. Also the openness and the presence of His greatness. Nature makes me experience this in so many ways. I hope that these paintings will awaken different feelings. Some of openness, some of intrigue, some of tranquillity and also peacefulness.