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Sanchi Leibach
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 by Larry Masters
My Journey

My journey with Sanchi started last month.
I come from a place of being stressed, high levels of anxiety as well as being depressed.
After going through this therapy. I am a different person and feeling free of all my worries . TRTP helped my put all my issues from my past to rest.
Once and for all.
Sanchi, a caring compassionate lady made this journey so much easier.
I fully recommend this TRTP course.
Thank you Sanchi.
You are amazing.

Thank you Larry for being ready to follow the process that brought about your healing! It was such an honour to be your guide! May your new freedom bring about many other changes!

 by LB
Thank you

I got to know Sanchi by going to her art classes. As I observed her in the classes I noticed that she had a tremendous amount of empathy for her students that was way above what one would normally expect in an art class. On her website I read that she was coaching in TRTP and she also mentioned it to me and she thought I should attend. I had certain issues that I thought could be resolved through her coaching even though I thought I wasn’t doing too badly in this very dysfunctional society.
In terms of my own perception about myself, I find I am far more confident when dealing with clients. After all I am the one with the knowledge that my clients need and there is no need to feel insecure when dealing with them. I now take compliments and wallow in the praise, no longer thinking they are only trying to be nice. I deserve the compliments and enjoy them now.
In terms of my partner a switch has been flicked and our relationship has never been better.
TRTP is an amazing programme that will take you from where you are today to new levels of happiness and contentment giving you the confidence to reach for the stars.
Thank you Sanchi for all your assistance.

Thanks so much for fully engaging in the amazing TRTP process! I love hearing how TRTP clients are switched on in their best lives! May you it all just get better and better!!

 by Suzan

I used to be a strong, independent, go getter.. Over the last couple of years, I have experienced so much emotional trauma . I felt like I lost control of myself. I didn’t realise how broken I was inside until I started feeling depressed and like I had no purpose .

Sanchi (TRTP) helped me understand my emotions, feelings and put my past to rest. In my first TRTP session I had so much anxiety and anger, but with Sanchi’s help I managed to overcome all of that. I can now deal with situations that are out of my control with comfort and I know I have grown from this as I am not so anxious and scared. I’m not perfect, but I am definitely calmer and I can handle what life throws at me.. Thank you Sanchi

It's been such a pleasure to work with you Suzan! I love seeing your new calm inner strength plays out in how you live your life!!

 by Willette

Thank you to Sanchi for my TRTP journey. Thank you for helping and understanding and helping me with care. Sanchi was also very compassionate through all my sessions.. The journey with Sanchi made a huge impact in my life.
I learned how I can deal with my messed-up life. I understand now where it come from and how to deal with life. It all starts with being kind to myself, and improve my relationships with other people. Thank you for helping me to cope with my life.

It's been such a honor to take you on your TRTP journey and witness you coming full circle in so many aspects of your life. Well done!!

 by Nomsa
Life coaching

An awesome session I had with Sanchi, I learned to self introspect and identify my potential by observing how the universe respond to me

 by Madeleine
Inspirational and motivational

Sanchi is compassionate, understanding and caring, but straight to the point. Skilfully brings you back to the topic if you stray. And you get results from the first session you see her. Gave me lots if food for thought, had several aha moments and good, solid advice. Definitely recommend her, you feel hopeful when you leave.

It was such a pleasure to meet you today and share in your AHA moments!

 by Violet
Heroes journey

The hero's journey has made a huge impact
in my life. I have managed to deal with the challenges positively
Being a skill development facilitator, I am able to
put myself into clients positions to understand them
better. My listening and communication skills is improving
daily. The example of the inside of my shoe always reminds me of how
to treat the people that are closer to me. I will always treasure
the hero's journey.

Wow Violet! I am thrilled to hear that the workshop has had such a wonderful impact on your life!

 by Modiehi
The Horees Journey

The Hero journey has taught me to be mindful of being present in the moment and enjoy . It was so amazing , to look at myself, how have i dealt with all challenges and here i am , i am brave, resilient and kind. The unsymbolised became symbolised through your presentation.

Thanks for your time.

Wow! I'm so glad you can see that you are brave, resilient and kind! May you keep discovering your gifts on your journey!

 by Fatima
The Heroes journey

The Heroes journey was helpful. It has revealed to me that there are ways in which a person can deal with situations in life. I have learned that it is important to do introspection because that will make one realise their inner strength. Through the presentation i have realise that self-awareness is crucial in sense that a person can know her/himself better.
Thank you for a wonderful session.

Fatima, I'm so glad you could see your inner strength! May it help you in future situations.

 by Ayanda
The Hero's Journey

The hero's journey demonstrates that change is possible for everyone. It shows us that an ordinary person can overcome great adversity as well as their fears. With some help, they can affect the world in some way .You learn so much about your strength as a person. Very profound and I had such an amazing time, thank you Sanchi ☺

Thank Ayanda! I hope the strengths you identified will serve you well on your journey!

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