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Creative Mindfulness Coaching

The Magic Maker

I’m a trained visual artist that has been involved in teaching art since 1991. I have witnessed the amazing benefits of making art to the well-being of the practitioner throughout my career. I’ve also witnessed and experienced how the magical process of creating with intention facilitates healing our inner being. I started offering healing art sessions to focus more on these benefits in 2011.

Being intrigued by this I wanted to learn more. In 2018 I enrolled and completed a Diploma in Modern Psychology Coaching specialising in Creative Mindfulness through the School of Modern Psychology in Australia.

I started out offering healing art sessions which I am now able to incorporate beautifully in to my new skills as a Creative Mindfulness Coach.

What is Creative Mindfulness?

The process of using art materials to create images is wonderful way to connect with the subconscious mind.  By using art materials, mindfully, one can gain great insights. This process gives a person another avenue of accessing experiences and seeing patterns. With the Creative Mindfulness process (developed by Barbara Grace from the School of Modern Psychology), you can build a stronger resilience around life’s challenges and improve your focus on getting results and the change you desire.

Being creative is a natural part of our human existence; you don’t have to be an artist to be creative.

Being mindful means you are notice things in the moment. This is a way of being in your life that takes training and practice like any new skill. The benefits of being mindful are numerous and well researched. Amongst others it decreased stress and psychological distress, enhancing mental health and functioning. It increased emotion regulation and self-control which leads to being happier and calmer. This then translates into many health benefits.

What is Creative Mindfulness Coaching?

I use creative process which can included using art materials in a mindful way, to ask questions, to create more clarity and insight into a situation that will benefit the participant.

My training is largely based on using Solution Focus BRIEF therapy that is combined with other Modern Psychology techniques.

Why do Creative Mindfulness coaching?

  • Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives.
  • Sometimes we live on auto pilot.
  • Sometimes we feel overwhelmed.
  • Sometimes things become just too much to handle.
  • Sometimes you just feel out of sorts.
  • Sometimes we just feel unhappy and wish there could be more joy and ease.
  • Sometimes the stress is too much.
  • Sometimes we get tired of it all and want to make a change but don’t know how or where to start.
Thank you for an amazing experience Sanchi – Stepping Stone Hospice

Let me be your guide to a happier, more fulfilled life even with the challenges that arrive in your life.  It’s a magical process with real benefits to affect not only yourself but also those around you.

Testimonials from Creative Mindfulness Coaching clients:

“I had several AHA moments during my coaching sessions with Sanchi. By asking the right questions, she helped me to get clear on what I want for my business. The visualisations we did together were extremely helpful in anchoring my vision for my future. I also love Sanchi’s approach: It is non-confrontational and gently steers you in the right direction. “ – Lien Potgieter –

“My name is Gwen Carroll. I have attended coaching sessions for personal development with Sanchi Leibach. This is really some crazy good stuff.”

“When I started, I was taken on a journey through my daily life to examine the positive and negative aspects. This taught me to look at things in an objective manner. I was given tools to assist me with my journey. There were positive and negative areas that I needed to deal with. I made a point of using the tools given to me to make the necessary changes. This has extremely beneficial for me and I now see things totally different to what I thought they were.”

“Don’t get me wrong… there is no instant fix. You need to put in what you need to get out of the process yourself. Sanchi helped me and she can help you too. It is quite amazing what one can do if you put your mind to it. If it wasn’t for Sanchi I’d be in the same rut that I have prodded along in for many years.”

“I urge everybody to experience this coaching programme with Sanchi. Thank you Sanchi, I could not have done this without you.” – Gwen Carroll

“With each session I was able to dig deeper and gain a better understanding of my emotions and the way I handle matters in my life. I am able to understand that I put myself under a lot of unnecessary pressure and my sessions with Sanchi, whether it was drawing, talking or role playing, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself and how I have been handling matters in my life and to find better ways of handling them. I felt inspired by her techniques and would find myself sharing some of her tips with friends and colleagues, as I thought they would assist certain individuals in my life, the same way they helped me.”

“I found that Sanchi’s sessions has helped me move in ways than I have realized and I will make the most of the skills I’ve acquired in order to create a positive relaxed living environment for myself.” – Anonymous

Here is some feedback from Healing Art participants:

“Thank you so much! This was amazing, healing and inspirational.”

“I want to thank you again for the mind shift the session made possible. I just know something happened somewhere to create it.” – Anonymous

“It was definitely an eye opener. I usually meditate quite regularly, however I was basically thrown a curveball not realising who I’ve become and I have totally forgotten who I was.” – Derick McLaughlin

“We do not often stop and actually take time to think about ourselves.   I loved the fact that this makes a person think and focus and dig deep.” – Alta McMaster, founder of The Epic Foundation.

Creative Mindfulness Coaching Options:

Individual session:R 600 for +/- a 50 minute session.
First session it to make an assessment and to see how we can move forward.

Small group sessions:4 - 10 participants
Duration: 2 ½ - 3 hours
Cost: R350 per person, materials included
Larger group sessions:Please contact me for this option.

If you want more information read this article that was published by the local paper.

To learn more about creative mindfulness: